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No two marriages are the same. Each couple experiences their unique ups and downs and stages of life. When the second half of marriage begins, many things could be taking place—your final child has left home, one of you is making a career change or thinking about retiring, or you may be discovering new life goals. And your question may be: How do I avoid disconnecting with my spouse after entering this new season of our lives? In Love, Intimacy and Sex in the Second Half, Dr. Kim and Nancy Kimberling challenges couples to love better, grow in intimacy, and have the best sex life ever. Through a series of intimate discussions about their own journey, and sharing stories from other couples, they show that the right focus, intentionality, and work can make the next season of marriage something to be cherished and enjoyed.

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About Kim & Nancy

Dr. Kim and Nancy Kimberling live in Oklahoma City and have been married for 53 years after meeting on a blind date in college. They have two married adult children and five amazing grandchildren. Dr. Kim has been a Christian Counselor working with couples and families for over forty years. He is the co-founder of Awesome Marriage which connects with over 300,000 people every week through social media, the Awesome Marriage Podcast, YouTube vlogs and shorts, YouVersion reading plans, marriage resources, webinars, seminars, Awesome Marriage University, and the website. Dr. Kim and Nancy are passionate about helping couples have the marriage that God designed especially for them.

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Left alone, most everything plateaus. Without a bit of grit and a lot of hard work, you won’t feel the same way about something forever. And the same could be true for your marriage…that is, unless you keep it fresh, renew your perspective, and look to God for the strength to take the next step. In this book, Dr. Kim and Nancy draw on their own experience and hard-earned wisdom, along with the stories of other long-lasting marriages, to show you that your best days of marriage don’t have to be behind you!

—Levi Lusko, founder and lead pastor of Fresh Life Church


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